"Okay, certain death or vortex thingy? I'm gunna go with the uncertain deathy goodness of the vortex."
-Danson, regarding the Droideka.
This unidentified droideka was one of many units of Droideka, or Destroyer Droid, that was programmed to actively serve in the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars.

Biography Edit

Being one of the many units of battle droid deployed to the sinkhole planet of Utapau, this Droideka took part in the Battle of Utapau and valiantly fought against the advancing Republic Clone Troopers during the battle. Shortly after a platoon of clones led by Commander Alpha-12 managed to take control of one of the main Separatist hangers on the planet, this Droideka rushed over to retake the position.

While there, the droid encountered a frighted Clone Trooper named Danson, whom the droid planned to kill. However, just before doing so, a time vortex, powered by the destroyed Mygeetan power crystals from the Separatist power generator, opened up, allowing Danson to escape the Droideka and accidentally travel 20 years into the future. It is assumed that this droid later ended up being deactivated along with the rest of the Droid Army when the Galactic Empire rose to power.

Appearances Edit