"Cease fire terminated. Slumbering hostile detected."
-This droid, regarding a sleeping Danson.
This unidentified recon droid was a unit of recon droid actively serving the Galactic Empire as a recon and security droid aboard the Death Star.

Biography Edit

This droid served in the Imperial Army as a security droid aboard the Imperial superweapon, the Death Star. It served under the former Clone Commander, Alpha-12 aboard the Death Star as the clone's personal security droid in the Imperial archive room.

The droid, like many other recon droids, ended up mistaking the time traveling Clone Trooper, Danson, for an enemy unit but was ordered against firing at the clone while he was being instated into the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. However, the droid later denied these orders when Danson fell asleep while in line, opening fire on the clone before self-destructing.

Appearances Edit