"Loose the skirt and then we'll talk, Alpha."
-The Commander, regarding Alpha-12
This unidentified stormtrooper commander was a unit of Imperial Stormtrooper that was stationed aboard the Death Star before being transferred alongside his own platoon of men to the desert planet of Tatooine.

Biography Edit

Serving the Galactic Empire during the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War, this Stormtrooper managed to obtain the rank of Commander and gained control of his own personal platoon of soldiers. Following the Battle of the Tantive IV in 0 BBY, this commander was ordered by Admiral Azzhoule to take his platoon down to Tatooine to search for the missing Death Star plans. While briefing his men, this commander noticed former Clone Commander, Alpha-12, attempting to sneak back into active duty, a request which as officially denied by Azzhoule.

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