"How dare you speak to me like that, what's your name, Private?"
"God, I love this armor."
"Why is everyone so mean to me?"
-This Commander and Bhiff.
This unidentified Stormtrooper Commander was one of the several units of Imperial Stormtroopers that were present for the Battle of the Tantive IV.

Biography Edit

Serving as a member of the Stormtrooper Corps, this soldier wound up obtaining the rank of Commander and fought in the Galactic Civil War against the growing Alliance to Restore the Republic. In 0 BBY, he participated in the Battle of the Tantive IV and led a detachment of Imperial Stormtroopers into the rebel ship to recapture the stolen Death Star plans and arrest Princess Leia Organa for conspiring with the rebellion.

Shortly after the battle, this commander ran into the rogue Clone Trooper, Danson, who had accidentally traveled into the future from the Clone Wars. Unaware of this, the commander later complied with Private Bhiff on where he saw the clone run off to and also asked him if Lord Vader should be informed of the clone's presence on the ship, to which Bhiff replied with telling the Commander to swallow a thermal detonator. Appalled by this, the Commander asked Bhiff for his name, prompting him to run away after Danson.

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